Funding the future of Human Wellness.

We are a family office venture firm championing health, performance and wellness. We invest in a spectrum of visionary better-for-you brands across consumables and technology. We partner with passionate entrepreneurs who live their brands, fueling business with our unique advantage, experience and insight to help people Live Well.

Who We Are

We’ve Been There.

We’re anything but traditional — we’ve been in your shoes. Our team has hands-on experience as founders, operators and advisors. We’re a family office driven not by investors, but by a deep desire to help businesses with a mission to improve lives.

What We Do

Fueling and supporting Better-for-you Brands.

We have your back.

We’re not just product junkies, idea guys and connectors. We’re your first call. The cool uncle you lean on when you need help, always ready with a story to pick you up, advice to pump you up, or encouragement to push you harder. Not to mention a stern word of caution, when you’re over your skis.

We‘re all about the win-win.

We’re a family-backed firm, so we treat our partners like family. We didn’t start this to make it tough on founders. We’ve sat on both sides of the table, and we only do deals that we believe strongly are a win for everyone involved.

We don‘t drag our feet.

Our time is important. So is yours. We don’t waste either. Our commitment to a streamlined process means no pointless questions, no radio silence and no meetings without purpose. We move with speed and purpose to get you an answer fast.

Our Brand Partners

Emerging brands impacting Health, Performance and Wellness.

Our partners are disruptors. Game-changers. Forward thinking entrepreneurs challenging industry norms to reshape the ideas of longevity and health. Together, we build brands that transform the consumer marketplace and redefine what it means to Live Well.