Doss Cunningham


Doss is currently the Chairman and CEO of Nutrabolt, the largest independently owned sports nutrition platform in the world, with global sales of its category leading brands (C4 and Xtend) exceeding $500 million and distribution spanning over 120 countries. 

Outside of Nutrabolt and LivWell, Mr. Cunningham has also made a few notable investments including co-founding Arrive Logistics, a technologically differentiated freight broker that is rapidly modernizing the logistics service industry. 

Most recently, Doss and his wife Danielle founded the GiveJoy Foundation with a mission to provide disadvantaged youth with education and access to healthier nutritional options, physical fitness opportunities and impactful mentorship. 

Mr. Cunningham received a B.A. in Accounting and a Masters in Finance from Texas A&M University. Outside of his professional life, he is an avid golfer, sports and fitness enthusiast, and proud father and husband.


DJ Monteilh

Founder, Managing Partner

DJ handles the backend, not to be confused with the rear-end, operations of LivWell Ventures. He geeks out on due diligence, legal, cap tables, and data. DJ started investing alongside Doss in 2013 when they formed Seed Sumo, a startup accelerator. Over eight years, the team has invested in 40+ early-stage ventures with unrealized returns in the triple digits. He credits this experience with helping him amass a wealth of knowledge in a wide array of industries you don’t get unless you’ve cut your teeth (and checks) in early-stage investing. In his past life, DJ was in project management for the largest construction and engineering firm in the world and has also owned and operated a CrossFit gym. He likes to get out and be active, whether it’s scuba diving, mountain biking, golfing, duck hunting, or fishing.